2011 Corruption Index report- a National embarrassment

A pressure group, the Movement for Revolutionary Change (MRC) www.movementforrevolutionarychange.org says Nigeria’s downward slide  and poor rating in the 2011 Corruption index report released few days ago by Transparency International, confirms the widely known fact that  Nigeria government officials at Federal, State and Local government levels and members of the political class  have not only lost the fight against corruption but are fully neck deep in corrupt acts and practices.

It is shameful and disappointing, though not expected, that Nigeria was rated 143rd out of 182 countries surveyed in the 2011 corruption index report, dropping 11 steps in the process from its 134th  position in year 2010.

The country that prides itself as the giant of Africa is now classified as one of the“most significantly” corrupt nations with a Corruption Perception Index of 2.4/10;  while the Jonathan administration that prides itself as a ‘transformational government’ is now rated as having bad governance  in the same league with Somalia, Haiti, Late Mohammed Gaddafi’s Libya, Robert Mugabe’s Zimbabwe.

Nigeria’s rating in the 2011 Corruption index, is most scandalous. We therefore request President Jonathan’s ironical ‘transformational leadership” to respond to this national embarrassment, offer an explanation, and initiate steps to reduce public sector corruption in Nigeria.

Judging from the cavalier manner the head of the anti corruption agency the Economic and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC) was sacked several days ago in disregard of the extant laws guarding such appointment and termination, it is clear that the Federal Government is not committed to either strengthening the anti corrupting agencies or strictly enforcement of the anti corruption laws. By that singular act, the Jonathan administration has castrated and officially pronounced dead the hitherto lip service anti corruption war in Nigeria.

It is a tragedy that corruption continues to fight Nigeria, as Nigeria continues to fail in fighting corruption.

Nigeria’s rating in the 2011 Corruption index is another indication that the present government has failed its electoral promises and does not evidently have the will, commitment and desire to turn around our national misfortunes. This emphasises the need to support a revolutionary change in our political, social, and economic life.


Babatope Babalobi




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